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< Back to case studies 25 June, 2014

Scarcroft Golf Club

Scarcroft Golf Club is a little piece of Yorkshire paradise. Its 75 year evolution from mixed farmland to a country parkland golf course has taken patience, planning and perseverance. With golf clubs dealing in distances through yards, does the phrase ‘going the extra mile’ carry as much weight as it does for other Beacon customers?

 According to Scarcroft Club Secretary and Manager Kevin Fretwell, it does.

He said “I can say that Beacon goes that extra mile for us because their suppliers are top quality and from speaking to lots of other companies, Beacon was the best to deal with.

I haven’t had to worry about negotiating with lots of different businesses so I have definitely saved time. This is hugely important when you are a secretary of a golf club with so many other jobs to think about.”

As well as benefiting from both cost and time savings, Kevin said that the ease of payment to Beacon through Central Billing was also a big plus.

“You get all of your individual invoices but in terms of payment, it is just one bill. Job done.  It underlines the strength of Beacon that they can offer extra support. You’ve always got to do what is right for the members and the golf course as a whole, so it would be foolish not to listen to Beacon’s expert advice.”